The Only One Still Moving Units is Mozart...

...not really, but in the era of clickbait and fake news who's going to notice?

A number of media outlets are running with the dubious story that Mozart, a man dead for more than two-hundred years, has out-sold everyone in the music industry when it comes to physical CDs. The real story is less click-worthy - the music industry uses fuzzy math.

What actually happened? A Mozart mega-box set called Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition was released containing 200 discs each. For some inexplicable reason, someone at Billboard thought it'd be a good idea to count each disc as a separate album sold.

Nevermind the fact that the concept itself is morbidly humorous (get it? 225 is the number of years since Mozart died and the set also contains 225+ hours of music), why is it that in 2016 the music industry still doesn't know how to count?

"Mozart 225 has sold more than 1.25 million copies since its release over a month ago," said someone at Billboard.

If you do the math it sold around 6,250 copies. Multiply that times 200 (the number of discs in the boxed set) and you get your certified platinum Mozart album (with no features)!

But counting it as 1.25 million "sold" is a bit of a stretch. By that logic, Drake or Taylor Swift or anyone who still cares about selling CDs should release their next album as 15 CD singles, and 15 remixes in a platinum box set so each disc sold counts as 30!

Actually, that's not a bad plan. Hmmm...