Gen Z Driving up Ad Blocking Numbers

For Kantar Millward Brown's AdReaction: Engaging Gen X, Y and Z the company interviewed over 24,000 between the ages of 16 and 49 hailing from 39 countries to discover how digital marketing and advertising is evolving as the population of Millennials and Gen Z kids grows older and engages with online advertising more as young adults and twenty-somethings.

The attributes uncovered are pretty startling. The younger group (the YZers) are described as:

  • likely to physically avoid ads of any form (69% say report they already are);
  • three times more likely to be positively receptive to humor in advertising;
  • loving ads that prominently feature the music they like;
  • wanting compelling narratives and good stories
  • more adept at downloading and using ad blocking software;
  • skipping ads on average 3 seconds earlier than Gen Xers and Baby Boomers;
  • highly reliant upon mobile phones;
  • extremely adverse to non-skippable advertising and more likely to install ad blockers immediately after coming across such ads;
  • more technologically advanced.

According to different research, a staggering 309 million mobile web users are actively using ad blocking software globally right now. Coupled with the above facts and a younger demographic that's aging, these numbers are likely to dramatically increase over the next five to ten years.