Big Data Innovation Summit 2017

This week I'm at the Big Data Innovation Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference for business leaders and executives who aim to lear to 'make data actionable'.

There were a lot of great talks but the ones that really resonated with me and our team's work at Audigent were:

Yves Bergquist who spoke about parsing meta-data from film and using machine learning to segment films by their narrative story structure to find the relationship between story and revenue potential.

Eric Daly VP of Data Science at Sony Pictures discussed how they use audience affinity analysis to recommend content to consumers and to improve marketing strategies.

Jay Allerdyce from GE spoke about GEs innovations leveraging their massive amounts of data to create the data marketplace.

Meina Zhou Data Scientist at spoke about the “Comprehensive Customer Journey”

It's been a great event, looking forward to the next!