Of Course Emoji-lytics is a Thing...

With the explosion of personalized keyboards and emoji's, it seems like it was inevitable that a performance industry would grow alongside it.

Two companies, Emogi and Moat have partnered to create a brand-focused analytics platform specifically oriented around emojis and custom keyboards.

“To date, measurement for mobile messaging has been inconsistent, so this is a much-needed evolution in the space,” said Alexis Berger, chief strategy officer at Emogi. “Partnering with a player like Moat, which is widely utilized and universally accepted across brands will bring a lot of validity to measurement in mobile messaging.”

Emogi is working with a variety of GroupM clients and brands including Moët Hennessy, L’Oréal and NBCUniversal on campaigns that will be the first to utilize the latest measurement analytics.

Source: Digiday