Spotify's Rumored IPO

The rumor mill is still chattering about Spotify and whether or not it has enough secure deals with the major labels in place to eventually go public.

Matter Mark recently dug into the company's numbers to see how things are looking...

Spotify recently announced that it has 39 million paying users, up from 30 million in March of this year.

Forbes reported in May that Spotify’s $8 billion valuation was built on 2015 revenue of $2.2 billion. That figure was up 80 percent from its 2014 tally of $1.21 billion.

Spotify’s top line comes mostly from paid subscribers. In the last calendar year, subscriptions brought in $1.95 billion in revenue, compared to advertisements’ comparatively modest $219 million. During the same year of growth, Spotify’s losses expanded from $181 million to $194 million.

Source: Matter Mark