Music and AdTech at SXSW 2017

SXSW Interactive Starts this week in Austin, TX! This year has shaped up up to have a most impressive line-up yet for music data, influencer marketing, and ad-tech! Some of the panels and talks I'm most looking forward to attending:

What: The Last Frontier: $73 Billion Land Grab
Where: Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 2
When: March 14th 12:30PM - 1:30PM
Who: Jeannie Poggi (Advertising Age), Matthew Durgin (LG), Rich Cusick (Gracenote), Scott Boyarsky (Comcast)

Soon, TV advertisers will benefit from the same profiling and targeting capabilities as Web advertising. With addressable tech already in millions of TVs around the world, brand marketers will soon understand a household at the device level and make informed decisions about which ads appear when and where based on preferences, viewing behavior and consumption history, among other things.

Marketers who take advantage of the wealth of new data will greatly improve measurability of TV advertising and maximize ROI in the upcoming $73 billion land grab. Explore the future of TV advertising, the data that will drive decision-making and the new ecosystem that will make addressable TV a reality. Link


What: The Music and the Message: Sync, Media & Ads
Where: Austin Convention Center Room 17B
When: March 16th 3:30 - 4:30PM
Who: Abbey Hendrix (Walker), Bridget Perdomo (Roc Nation), Mark Frieser (SyncSummit), Mamie Coleman (Fox Broadcasting Company)

The medium is the message is a panel featuring top-level executives and music supervisors discussing with the audience how sync and composition for film, TV, games, advertising, interactive and brands works, what the needs of the music supervisors and projects are, and what are the best ways, means and resources that the people who make and own music - the audience - need to do to best position themselves for success in the worlds of sync and composition. This would focus on both the creative needs and process needs of projects as well as best practices and discovery methods. Link

What: Blurred Lines - Music Industry Damage Calculations
Where: Austin Convention Center Room 11AB
When: March 15th 5:00 - 6:00PM
Who: Bruce Kolbrenner (Prager Metis CPAs, LLC), Doug Bania (Nevium Intellectual Property Solutions), Robert Meloni (Meloni & McCaffrey)

The Blurred Lines copyright infringement ruling, which Robin Thicke and Pharell Williams have vowed to appeal, provides a window into how valuation experts work with legal counsel to put a number on it for their mutual clients and the perils of having such questions go to a jury for verdict. This expert panel comprised of a litigator, CPA, an IP professional and a transactional attorney will speak with firsthand experience of damage calculations in the Blurred Lines case and comment on other legal actions that followed, including those against Ed Sheeran ("Photograph"), Led Zeppelin ("Stairway to Heaven") and Beyoncé ('Lemonade") to bring clarity to what otherwise might merely seem to be blurred lines. Link

What: Cause We Care: Creating Authentic Partnerships
Where: Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 1
When: March 14, 2017 3:30PM - 4:30PM
Who: Jan Dalessandro (Blue J Strategies) and Gilly Marq Roswell (TunesMap)

This session will be a conversation between G.Marq Roswell, renowned music supervisor, and Founder/CEO of TunesMap and Jan D'Alessandro about the elements that make successful brand/celeb and cause/celeb relationships. Fans and consumers all have high bs meters- an ability to tell when something is authentic and when it is not. True partnerships between an artist, celebrity or public figure who really cares about a cause or really uses a product can indeed move the needle, whereas contrived pay to play product placements rarely do. On the same token, cause related marketing campaigns where the brand and the cause are aligned can make a significantly bigger impact than simple check writing.

It's all about authenticity.

What: Artist Management is a Service Industry
Where: Austin Convention Center Room 16AB
When: March 18th, 2017 2:00PM - 3:00PM
Who: Kei Henderson (Governed By Loyalty LLC), Adrian Miller (OBE), Rico Brooks (Adella Thomas Management), Sonny Digital (516 Music Group), Sophia Chang (A Better Tomorrow)

Our unique panel is comprised of a select group of industry professionals: artist/producer/composer managers, labels execs, and talent. We will discuss artist management from the perspective that management is a service industry. We aim to educate both aspiring managers and artists in the hopes that they can glean the most from arguably the most critical relationship in the industry.

We will explore what makes a good/bad client and good/bad manager as well as social media, choosing and overseeing a team, exploiting the various sources of income. Link

What: Rights & Metadata in Evolving Digital Music Space
Where: Austin Convention Center Room 9AB
When: March 15th, 2017 5:00PM - 6:00PM
Who: Dae Bogan (TuneRegistry), Jesse Morris (TuneRegistry), Bill Colitre (Music Reports Inc), Keith Bernstein (Crunch Digital)

As the music industry continues to be shaped and advanced by digital innovations, stakeholders face new and unforeseen business challenges. From rights holders to music licensees, data has become significantly more important to the accrual, collection, and distribution of royalties to income participants. This panel will discuss the issues relating to music rights and metadata in the digital music age and evaluate some of the ways in which these issues are being addressed by companies, music creators, and collective societies in the United States and abroad. Link

What: Using Data to Discover the Next Big Thing
Where: Austin Convention Center Room 17B
When: March 15th 3:00PM - 4:30PM
Who: Jacob Fain (Sony/ATV), Shane Tobin (Spotify), Ben Weeden (House of Blues Entertainment), Zeeshan Zaidi (Ticketmaster)

Identifying the next big hit used to be based on the taste and intuition of a select few – but no longer. Ticketmaster will lead a panel of music, media and tech industry insiders to showcase emerging artist programs and how they are using data to predict the next big thing. We will cover many different programs in the market now, the benefits they provide, and the trajectory of artists they feature. The panel will delve into key metrics analyzed by programs like Ones to Watch and New Music Favorites, giving artists, their teams, and fans insight into what it takes to be identified as a promising new act, and how these programs can help them accomplish their goals. Link

What: Narratives for the Digital Age
Where: Austin Convention Center Room 16AB
When: March 14th 2PM - 3PM
Who: Brian Knappenberger (Luminant Media), Michael Farrell (The Christian Science Monitor), Walter Parkes (Parkes Macdonald Productions), Julie Bush

From "WarGames" to "Mr. Robot," Hollywood is fascinated with technology's impact on society. The 1983 film "WarGames" had such an impression on President Reagan that it influenced national policy on cyberweapons. Technology continues to provide endless sources of inspiration for writers, directors, and producers. Join producer Walter Parkes, who cowrote "WarGames," Brian Knappenberger, director of "The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz," and Julie Bush, screenwriter on Universal's "The Sigma Protocol" and host of the podcast Threat Surface, for a discussion on how film affects policies and public opinion when it comes to digital surveillance, privacy, and cybersecurity. Link

What: Cozy with Cookies: Our Brain & Behavioral Targeting
Where: Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 3-4
When: March 11th 12:30PM - 1:30PM
Who: Archna Iyer (Lowe Lintas, MullenLowe Group), Supriya Gokarn (Google), Christopher Summers (University of South Carolina), Jennifer Golbeck (College of Information Studies U of Maryland)

Cookies are crumbs of information that we leave behind on the internet. According to a study published in the JCR, Oxford University Press, behavioral targeting can affect our sense of worth. Cookies act like comfort food for our brain. We can have a cozy relationship with our cookies in our little bubbles inside the Internet. But does that trap us inside our comfort zones? Is our world view getting distorted by personalization and the death of discovery? Are cookies creating echo chambers in our democracy? When does cozy become creepy? Should our self worth be defined by data? Should we get cozy with our cookies or should we break up with them? Find out the answers with our expert panel. Link


What: Marketing in the Age of Digital Music
Where: JW Marriott Salon D
When: March 16th 3:30PM - 4:30PM
Who: Roberto Santos (Vevo)

Music videos are hitting the billion views club faster than ever. Justin Bieber’s “Baby” hit 1B in approx. Four years; Adele’s “Hello” did it in 87 days. What does that mean? Well, the reach of individual artists’ catalogues online can match the reach of top network TV shows. The week Rihanna dropped “Bitch Better Have My Money,” her official videos were 2x as likely to reach the 18-49 demo as TV’s most watched summer series. So who’s streaming all this content and where? (It’s not just millennials). How can marketers use data to align with hits before they take off? Vevo’s Roberto Santos has the answers and a new methodology that will finally enable brands to compare digital and TV metrics. Link