Facebook Wants to Produce Original Content

facebook original

The platform wars are over and of those who've emerged as the victors (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix etc.) there is a new battle to be fought...the war for content!

Much like it's tech and media-giant competitors, Facebook wants to own original content so it can own the monetization around that content.

Sahil Patel writes, "The feature, described as a “spotlight module” during its meetings with potential content partners, would be prominently placed inside the video tab on Facebook’s mobile app, sources said. It would feature about half a dozen or so video series for a period of 24 hours, only to refresh the section with another crop of videos the following day. This module would contain original series funded by Facebook as well as content financed by media partners that Facebook has exclusively licensed for a certain amount of time, sources said. (Facebook has already started to experiment with featuring certain types of content that it thinks people would want to watch inside the video tab.)"