In Depth on Facebook's Audience Team

Raquel Munoz worked for Facebook’s Audience Network team from April 2014 to August 2016. In this post she explains some of the challenges unique to measuring and analyzing audiences the size of Facebook's.

An excerpt:

The problems faced early on for both mobile apps and mobile web were all on the measurement side of the products. These problems are inherent to the world of AdTech: how do we guarantee that real human beings see ads at the right time and with minimal fraud?

Facebook and Google with their identity machines have had the luxury to question this proposition and go beyond maximizing revenue as a goal and started introducing the concept of “value”. Facebook introduced a metric called Advertiser Outcome Score to let publishers (developers) know how their ads were doing. This metric has its flaws (I was part of the team helping implement it and understand it) but it signaled a shift in AdTech that was unprecedented. It tells publishers that impressions are worthless, clicks are worthless and if you don’t start worrying about driving installs or purchases (down-the-funnel measurement) then you won’t make as much money.