Influencers Flock to China

YouTube influencers are increasingly finding their audience, just not in the market one might expect!

Slivki Show is one example of what Yoola, a multichannel network that manages more than 72,000 YouTube channels, wants to do for Western social stars. Since YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are all blocked in China, videos produced by international content creators on those platforms cannot be seen over there. So Yoola is localizing select influencer videos and distributing them on 10 Chinese social networks, including Weibo, Youku-Tudou (the Chinese equivalent of YouTube) and video messaging app Meipai.

Most of the content on these Chinese platforms is ported over from YouTube, rather than customized to the Chinese audience. Yoola has a team of six in Beijing to edit and add subtitles to “dozens of videos” every day. And Yoola also works with homegrown social stars in China to promote content created by their Western peers. When asked if Yoola is licensing its content in China, Baumel said what he does isn’t licensing: Localized videos are either owned by Yoola or the content creator, not Chinese social networks like YouKu-Tudou or Weibo.