The Duopoly Also own Video

In case you hadn't noticed, Youtube and Facebook also own video advertising.

Google and Facebook have been hit hard by media companies over a lack of monetization options and transparency — but it’s still where a lion’s share of the audience is. It’s forcing media companies big and small to continue distributing on these platforms — and on the platforms’ terms.

In the battle between Google and Facebook, Google is winning out so far among video companies, as YouTube is really the only social video distribution platform that allows media companies to generate consistent revenue thanks to pre-roll ads. Facebook, which is testing its mid-roll ads product, is light-years behind, according to some attendees.

“Facebook is not made for third parties to monetize,” said one attendee, who estimated that his company needs to do 10 times more views on Facebook to generate the same amount of money as it does on YouTube. “You can do some of that, but an open-source video platform with ads [like YouTube] is always going to monetize better than a platform that exists to monetize itself first.”