Where OTT is Dropping the Ball

Andy Monfried, CEO at Lotame, explains just where OTT seems to be falling short of creating a better experience for viewers, despite the advantages programmatic video advertising should bring.

Watch “Brockmire” on demand, and you’ll notice the same three commercial spots are played over and over again. No, the ad-tracking team didn’t screw up; ad sales likely sold the OTT audience as remnant inventory because it lacks the necessary data to monetize the network’s most popular show.

In effect, IFC’s OTT play is running its talent into a major-league buzz saw because it lacks even a minor league system for validating its nonlinear audience.

Local television is actually quite popular, but you wouldn’t know it from reading the trades.

Cable news gets the buzz, despite prime-time audiences hovering around 3 million, compared to the 23 million Americans who tune in to watch their local evening news; a similar number tunes in to watch the late local news after network prime time ends.

Local news inventory typically sells out, but local broadcast content struggles to demonstrate its value to major brands because Nielsen panels are biased toward national audiences.