Header Bidding Goes Server-Side

Amazon is trying to disrupt the way header bidder works (of course they are!?). But will it stick?

Amazon is more aggressively pitching its server-side header solution to U.K. publishers, but many are confused or unimpressed by its approach.

The e-commerce giant has provided publishers with header-bidding products for more than four years and revealed it was taking its header tag server-side late last year. U.S. publishers including Bauer Xcel Media and Meredith are already using Amazon’s server-to-server solution, with others interested in testing it. In the last six months, U.K. publishers have been contacted by the Amazon team more about using it.

“They’re plugging their server-to-server solution very hard. We’ve been chased by Amazon for the last nine weeks,” said a publishing exec who spoke on condition of anonymity. “They offer such great unique demand, so we’re keen to get it implemented.”

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