The History of Video Ad Tech M&A

The ad tech market is getting frothy! Video ad-tech mergers, in-particular, are the biggest drivers of deal activity.

Despite the explosive growth of video consumption, video ad tech has grown at a slower rate than other ad tech categories, according to Brian Wieser, a senior analyst at equity research firm Pivotal.

Video advertising dollars have shifted heavily to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Snap. And big broadcast giants like NBCU have attracted a fair share of spend from advertisers without the same concerns over fraud and viewability seen in online video.

“When you’re buying video as an advertiser, you probably want premium content, and you don’t necessarily want it from an intermediary,” Wieser added. “And, if you do work with an intermediary, you don’t necessarily want to pay much because you value the content more.”

After the jump, find a list of notable M&A around video ad-tech.