Influencer Marketing Contracts Get More Complex

With the maturity of the Influencer Marketing space comes better contracts:

Agency Digital Brand Architects updated its influencer contracts around two weeks ago to clear up gray areas like post timing and content rights, said Reesa Lake, partner and svp of Digital Brand Architects, at a panel discussion hosted by Women in Influencer Marketing on Sept. 19.

The agency’s new contracts specify the social stars’ time zones and they should post, and they require brands to provide comprehensive creative briefs — if the talent follows the brief, they are not required to reshoot the content. The new contracts also specify where and for how long brands can use or reuse influencer posts, according to Lake.

“It’s important to make sure that the brand and the influencer are on the same page,” she said. “For example, a brand may say to an influencer, ‘We trust you [in your creativity] because you have so many followers.’ But the content may not turn out the way the client hoped, so a comprehensive creative brief from the brand is necessary.”