Facebook Addresses Political Ad Transparency

In a move that comes too late for one of the most consequential political campaigns in recent memory, Facebook has announced a new standard in political advertising.

Zuckerberg outlined nine ways Facebook plans to ensure something like this doesn't happen again. "We're going to make political advertising more transparent," he said. When someone buys political ads on TV, they're required to disclose who paid for them. However, he said, you still don't know if you're seeing the same messages as everyone else. "We're going to bring Facebook to an even higher standard of transparency," he said. "Not only will you have to disclose which page paid for an ad, but we'll also make it so you can visit an advertiser's page and see what ads they're currently running to any audience on Facebook." He said that feature will be rolled out in the coming months. He did not say how long ads will be considered "current" and remain available for view after their initial run. Another step: Strengthening the company's ad review process for political ads.