Autoplay Under Attack

It's the Battle of the Bastards part 2! Who will prevail? Consumers or Autoplay Ads? To consumers autoplay is as untenable as Ramsay Bolton and it looks like their Ramsay may not be long for this world either.

“We’re cleaning up some of the mess we’ve made," says Brian Rifkin, co-founder of JW Player.

“Intent to watch is the buzzword of 2018,” said Rifkin. “That’s where the ad demand is. Autoplay sound off will continue, but the real growth will move to intent to watch. The rates people will play for click to play will continue to go up. Publishers are starting to see that, and you’re starting to see the trade desks saying, ‘That’s what I want.’”

Advertisers will welcome Google’s move against sound-on autoplay because when people initiate the sound themselves, it indicates intent, said Alex Stone, vp of digital investment at Horizon Media. Over time, he said, pricing will change to reflect this shift, with agencies paying more for video where the user initiated the sound and watched the video to the end, for example.