How AdTech is Being Disrupted by Blockchain

The AdTech industry is changing thanks to blockchain...

Now comes the role of Blockchain in the whole scenario integrating the whole system with blockchain provides the model support for the process and backend transactions to be performed. It can add a lot of value in 2 main functions: Auditability of gaze payments and Provenance of virtual content. Blockchain will allow to securely store ownership data about content assets in VR and AR (objects, experiences, environments, worlds). Then, embed transactional metadata (linked to telemetry data of the user action that triggered the transaction: gaze) across all micro transactions involving those assets. This information can be made directly available to the advertiser and content owner and cannot be forged. As content is added and remixed in the virtual world, the blockchain creates an indelible audit trail of these changes, enabling long-tail royalty payments to content owners.

Smart contracts in blockchain will provide better hold on the copyright materials and make the system completely piracy free.

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